Oxfords & Derbys

Oxford and Derby shoes are lace shoes.  Oxfords have a lace opening that is closed at the bottom forming a 'V'.   We use "Derby" in a more general way to indicate any lace opening that is open at the bottom.



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Barker Turing Wing in Rosewood Calf 29% off


  • UK7.5 FX (US 8.5)
  • UK8.0 FX (US 9.0)
  • UK8.5 FX (US 9.5)
  • UK9.0 FX (US 10.0)
  • UK9.5 FX (US 10.5)
  • UK10.0 FX (US 11.0)
  • UK11.0 FX (US 12.0)
Barker’s Turing Rosewood Wing has a rubber/leather combination sole and Barker’s “BarkerTech” Comfort System designed to make Goodyear Welted shoes feel like your athletic shoes.  Fits wider and longer.  If...
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Barker Newchurch Oxford 30% off


  • UK8 F (US 9.0)
  • UK8.5 F (US 9.5)
  • UK9.0 F (US 10.0)
  • UK9.5 F (US 10.5)
  • UK10.0 F (US 11.0)
  • UK11.0 F (US 12.0)
Barker has updated the classic Bal-Oxford silhouette with creative detailing and a beautiful burnished tan calf.  Goodyear-Welted with a single leather outsole.  If you have a narrower foot do down...
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Barker Malvern Cap-Toe Bal Oxford in Rosewood Calf 29% off


  • UK 8 (US 9)
  • UK 8.5 (US 9.5)
  • UK 9.0 (US 10.0)
  • UK 9.5 (US 10.5)
  • UK10.0 (US 11.0)
  • UK11.0 (US 12.0)
The Malvern style from Barker is a classic Bal-Oxford silhouette done in neutral-colored rosewood calf.  Goodyear-Welted with a single leather outsole.  Made in England.  NOW REDUCED DURING OUR ANNUAL MID-WINTER...
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