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Since 1884 Alden has been crafting footwear with timeless styling and enduring appeal. Over the four decades, we have carried Alden shoes, their shoes have consistently out-performed many other brands that our customers have had.  There is a difference when a company such as Alden, creates shoes of a given quality, rather than creating shoes of a given price.  In addition to shoe styles that Alden stocks, we also offer many of our own Alden creations

Limited Editions

Pictured below are shoe styles that were made in limited quantities for our shop. Future orders: Alden Indy boot in Clay Pebbled Nubuck Leather; light brown hooks & eyes; 360 reverse welt; double-leather oiled sole with dress heel & antique edging.  (Fall 23) Alden 379X Military last snuff suede split toe boot with dull gold hooks & eyes; 360 reverse welt; commando sole and heel.   (Fall 23) Please call 724-719-2463 for sizes or to place a reservation deposit for future orders  


MEYER trousers is a family owned company that started in 1960.   MEYER trousers are made from some of the finest fabrics in the world.   In addition to luxurious fabrics, MEYER trousers have intricate detailing and features that make them more comfortable, but they are known for making trousers that fit very, very well.   We carry just one fabric at this time, but have access to the MEYER stock program which offers many fabrics and a number of different fits.   We currently stock the Regular Fit which is a more Americanized fit.   They also make a slimmer fit that they call the "Perfect Fit" and they make a few trouser models in a very slim fit..   

Women's Casual Clothing

We are proud to offer knitwear by Holebrook Sweden.   We carry styles from both their Original Windproof Collection and their Non-Windproof Collection. The Holebrook Originals Collection remains true to the concept born on the Swedish west coast more than two decades ago. Their carefully crafted garments of wool and cotton, supported by their unique windproof lining, are all made for a life outdoors - and outside of fast fashion. Holebrook carries that same sensibility to their Non-Windproof Collection as well. We also carry some of the finest Scottish and Irish sweaters from Harley of Scotland Ireland's Eye