Ordering Info


  • Please note that we are not strictly an e-commerce business. We are a brick and mortar store, first and foremost. We prefer to rely on personal fittings when determining the right last and fit for our customers. However, since this is not always possible, we are more than happy to fulfill your orders via our site.
  • We endeavor to offer a great variety of shoe styles from the finest shoemakers and that limits the number of shoes that we stock in any given style.    Many of our styles are limited runs from our shoemakers.   
  • From time to time, we will offer Pre-orders of our limited run styles. These Pre-orders will be posted on our site and will require a non-refundable deposit comprising half of the selling price of the shoe in order to ‘reserve’ your selection.   Currently, we can only accept these deposits via our brick and mortar store.   Please email or call us about any Pre-order.
  • Recommending a size without personal fittings is very difficult. We will not recommend a size via phone or email unless you can provide the appropriate well-fitting size you currently wear in the brands of shoes we currently carry. We prefer to have our customers be familiar with and own shoes with the fitting characteristics of the brands they are ordering.
  • Items purchased online may have been tried on in the store.  Given our hardwood floors, we cannot guarantee that uppers will be un-creased or soles un-scuffed.    If returned, shoes must be returned in the same condition as received in order to receive credit.
  • We also must insist that any returns must be made within 10 days of receipt since our stock is limited. With limited stock, we also cannot ‘hold’ shoes.  Please view our particular shipping and return policies before ordering.