Limited Editions

Pictured below are shoe styles that were made in limited quantities for our shop.

Future orders:
Atom Blucher Cap Toe (straight tip with perf) in Tobacco Smooth Chamois:  Leydon last, fully lined, single oiled sole, 360 rev antique welt, blind eyelits, regular dress lace. (June/July delivery)
Slip-On Chukka in Oiled Clay Nubuck Grain:  Barrie last, commando sole (August/Sept delivery)

sizes still available (4/1/24) 8.5D, 9D, 9.5D, 10D, 11D, 12D

Please call 724-719-2463 for sizes or to place a reservation deposit for future orders
taking pre-orders:
Jumper Boot in Tan Smooth Chamois:  Barrie last, commando sole (Oct/Nov delivery)
Indy Boot in Tobacco Smooth Chamois:  Trubalance last, black neo-cork sole (later)
more to come



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Alden x O & D  #8 Shell Cordovan Dress Penny


  • 8.0D
  • 8.5D
  • 9.0D
  • 9.5D
  • 9.5E
  • 10.0D
  • 10.0E
  • 10.5D
  • 10.5E
  • 11.0D
  • 11.5D
  • 12.0D
We have received a limited edition Cordovan Leather Dress Penny from Alden.    The dress penny is made on the Leydon last, in #8 Shell Cordovan with glove leather linings, a...
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